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Emergency Dental Appointments

Be seen on the same day for dental emergencies

Dental emergency appointments at Ropergate Dental Care & Implant Studio

Emergency Appointment: 01977 602206

Routine Appointment: 01977 703413

Sometimes, life gets in the way and infections strike or accidents happen. From severe toothache to bleeding, our patients book in for emergency treatment for so many different reasons. Rest assured that if you have a dental emergency, Ropergate Dental Care & Implant Studio can help. The most important reason to pursue emergency dental treatment is because it can help prevent those symptoms from worsening, while offering pain relief. Here at our dental practice in Pontefract, Ropergate Dental Care & Implant Studio makes your emergency treatment as easy and comfortable as possible, whether through our open pricing to our flexible appointments. You can also trust in our team to deliver expert care in all these situations:

  • Loose/broken fillings
  • Cracked and missing teeth/fillings
  • Infection or tooth decay (e.g. abscesses)
  • Toothache in the jaw or tooth
  • Sensitivity and swelling in the mouth
  • Damaged braces, crowns, bridges or dentures

Why choose us?

There are so many great reasons to choose our dental practice, Ropergate Dental Care & Implant Studio: Well-established, serving families for over 20 years Frequent positive feedback and reviews from our loyal patients Expert team with an excellent chairside manner”

Frequently Asked Questions

About your emergency dental treatment at Ropergate Dental Care & Implant Studio

  1. How do I book my appointment?

    We know dental emergencies can be a worrying time – so we’ve made it easy. Simply fill in the contact form on our website or please call us: Private patients – call 01977 712929 NHS patients – call 01977 703413

  2. How do I know if I need medical care?

    Once you’ve booked an appointment at our emergency dentist and have been assessed, we’ll be able to see whether you need medical treatment. If so, we can refer you.

  3. When do I book?

    Treatment can be easier and quicker if carried out in the early stages of an emergency. As soon as you have symptoms, get in touch with our dental practice in Pontefract.

  4. What happens during my treatment?

    Every case and every patient is different, but we offer everyone the same great level of care, advice, and updates throughout treatment.

  5. How much does treatment cost?

    For patients registered at our practice, costs fall under the NHS banding. For those who are not registered, the emergency fee is £100 for the initial examination and advice, which is payable at the point of booking. Your dentist in Pontefract will then provide a written treatment plan and explain all the options and pricing with to find the best solution for you.

*Results may vary

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